Red Earth Energy Services has a vehicle maintenance representative to perform regular preventative maintenance on all vehicles and equipment. All equipment is inspected prior to being delivered to your job site to prevent the interruption of operations.

Frac Tanks

  • 500 Barrel Frac Tanks
  • Mobile for easy maneuverability on the smallest of locations
  • Flat top
  • 10” external manifold system with 8″ hammer unions
  • Easy access platforms which enable tank-to-tank linking for safety and convenience
  • 4” over-the-top fill line in the rear of the tank

Acid Tanks

  • 500 Barrel Acid Tanks
  • Mobile for easy maneuverability on the smallest of locations
  • Flat top
  • The lack of a manifold, both external and internal, eliminates the most common areas for leaks to occur
  • (4) 4″ stainless steel valves with Viton Seats to ensure acid resistance
  • Tnemec Series 390 “Tank Armor” coating providing excellent acid resistance

Winch Truck Services

  • All oil field operators need a winch truck to move the equipment supporting the rig operations. our winch truck is equipped with a 5th wheel to attach floats for movement of bulky equipment and tubulars or frac tanks.
  • The unit is priced at reasonable hourly rates which will reduce standby rig and associated rig costs for the operator.
  • This winch truck is ideal for quick movement of your frac tanks and is available 24/7.
  • Our truck is also capable of hauling most other oil and gas service equipment such as reverse units, BOP’s, half fracs, power swivels, hydraulic cat walks, pipe racks, pipe and drill collars.